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Internet marketing has become the norm today for businesses that market and sell their products through online platforms. Such businesses have websites and blogs on which they embed relevant content and information regarding the various products and services they offer. Potential and return customers visit these sites for the purpose of retrieving helpful information regarding the products or services they seek. It is therefore imperative for online marketers and businesses to put in place effective marketing strategies to ensure that they attract the most number of visitors to these sites. This is what internet marketers refer to as traffic.

The more traffic a blog or website has the more likely the site will sell more products and services. This is because information about the services and products offered by the site will have reached many potential buyers. The trick is always to try as much as possible to promote products and services to the most number of internet users possible. It is important to note that there are paid and free methods of promoting websites and blogs. On most occasions, the fees required by paid methods are affordable if singled out but it becomes relatively expensive to pay for every method of website promotion one uses. Therefore, the free methods of promoting websites and blogs are used more often compared to the paid methods. There are a number of free methods and techniques that internet marketers can apply with the aim of generating massive traffic to their respective sites or blog pages.

Make your website worth visiting

One should be cognizant of the fact that one can either attract traffic directly or use previous visitors to bring more visitors to the website or blog. This brings about two broad aspects of attracting traffic. First, it is important for one to make his or her website worth visiting. This can be done through quite a number of proven ways. Secondly, it is important to employ measures that will bring internet users to a specific website or blog as opposed to other websites that might offer the same products or services. This too can be achieved in a number of ways.

People visiting a website for the first time can be lured into visiting the site again. Additionally, they can be encouraged to recommend the sites to fellow friends through shares on social media and other related platforms. There are mechanisms through which a website can be made worth visiting especially for first-time visitors. A website that is worth visiting can attract a lot of traffic. One ought to note that there are a number of ways through which a website can be made worth visiting by either new or returning visitors. These include:

  • Make attractive websites
  • Make easily navigable websites
  • Use clear language and legible fonts
  • Offer something worthwhile
  • Mobile version of the website


Optimize your website on Google

It is important to note that Google holds over 70% of the search engine market share as compared to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. A greater percentage of internet users use Google as their primary search engine option. As a matter of fact, the term search engine is used interchangeably with Google. This is an indication that most people perceive Google as the only search engine.

Optimising a website in Google is a key strategy for ensuring that a website receives enormous traffic. When information is sought from Google using keywords, a list of results is displayed on the screen of either the computer or smartphone. These are always lists of websites that provide the information that is sought. One ought to note that there are thousands of sites that contain contents that are relevant to the keywords used during searching. The ones that are commonly used are those that appear on the first page.

In this context, website optimization means making a website appear on the first page o Google. This is a great step in ensuring that internet users visit a specific site when they type its related keywords. Nonetheless, competition is usually very high when it comes to website optimization on Google. Therefore, internet marketers must always ensure that they have great content in terms of products and services promoters and relevance. It is only through this that one can achieve to have his or her webpage appear on the first page of Google.

Webpage optimization on Bing and Yahoo

Despite the fact that Bing and yahoo might not have as much market share as compared to Google, optimizing a webpage on these search engines can also contribute significantly to bringing massive traffic. In order to do this, there are a number of steps that web promoters ought to take. First, the webpage must be registered with Bing Webmaster tools before submitting the website. It is important to note that this process is always similar to the Google webmaster. This is always followed by being active on both Twitter and Facebook. It is noteworthy that Bing and yahoo always take into close consideration the number of Facebook likes and Tweets on a page. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a website has as many likes as possible on Facebook and that it receives numerous tweets on Twitter for it to stand a chance of ranking higher on yahoo and Bing.

A website is expected to receive massive traffic in the event that it is optimized on Google, Bing and yahoo. The relatively few Bing and yahoo users should not be a cause for alarm because even a few matters. When optimization is done on only one search engine the traffic generated will not be as great as when all the search engines are included. A combination of traffic from these three major search engines should not, therefore, be taken for granted. They can result in a large number of internet users who visit a website on a daily basis. It is for this reason that internet marketers are advised not to ignore other minor search engines like yahoo and Bing because they have traffic as well; however insignificant the traffic might be as compared to Google.

Engage actively in social media

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming popular as days pass. Both the elderly and the youths in contemporary societies are becoming active users of social media. Social media has therefore become part and parcel of people’s lives today to an extent that nine out of ten people have social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is an implication that social media platforms have a significant volume of traffic that internet marketers can take advantage of in order to promote their products and services.

In order to achieve massive traffic on a web page through the use of social media, one should, first of all, make sure that he or she has a presence in most if not all the social media platforms mentioned above. This will be coupled with enough time to figure out how each social media platform operates and how it can be helpful in drawing traffic to a desired webpage. One ought to note that all the available social media platforms operate differently and will thus be applied differently with the sole goal of achieving massive traffic to a provided webpage or blog.

Having a presence on social media simply means always being available to comment on, like and share content posted by other social media users. By doing this, one becomes a famous figure in social media to an extent that other users will notice a gap when they fail to make regular updates on their social media accounts. It is during this juncture that an internet marketer may take advantage of his or her presence on social media platforms to promote goods and services to his or her audience.

As already noted, social media platforms are important avenues for drawing traffic to a specific website with the intention of promoting goods and services to a wider audience. Quite a number of internet marketers have benefitted from such initiatives as frequently updating their statuses and sharing and commenting on posts made by other users. Ideally, this is what has been presently referred to as social media presence in which a user becomes a common figure on these platforms as a result of his or her regular activities on the sites.

Embed relevant links on email signatures

People have always failed to see the significance of including relevant links in their email signatures as strategies for promoting their websites. However, it is worth noting that attaching links to websites and blogs that need to be promoted on email signatures can be able to yield positive results when it comes to drawing massive traffic. Businesses sent numerous emails to their clients and other stakeholders on a daily basis. This might not sound like much, especially for online-based businesses that operate purely on the internet. Nonetheless, sending emails with links attached to them can catapult businesses to greater recognition by a wide range of audiences in their niche.

It is noteworthy that most internet users are always very lazy to find out about certain sites. It is only on limited occasions that internet users bother typing specific links to certain sites in the URL bars of their browsers.

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